taking stock – financial goals


I am determined that this year I am going to seriously tackle my debt and start saving, My debts are not massive compared to some people however I  am conscious that they are there and they stop me doing things like

  • saving towards a house deposit
  • going on a decent holiday
  • shopping for new clothes without feeling guilty

choosing to work part time when I finish maternity leave in March also means I will be on a reduced income so I need to get back to being more thrifty with my money I have got very lax with things like food shopping and buying coffee out so i need to start keeping a spending diary I am toying with doing a weekly or fortnightly post about my spending more to keep myself accountable than because I think anyone wants to see it

I have also made a list of all the things I don’t use so I will be taking advantage of the free e-bay listings to hopefully get rid of them, I am not fussed about getting loads for them I just want to have less stuff around and if I can make a few £s then that’s great.

I am also going to be making more of an effort to batch cook and meal plan so I’m not tempted to go out for dinner, we seem to keep finding ourselves in the local wetherpersons which isn’t expensive but it is still a lot more than cooking at home and I actually really enjoy cooking. The plan is to have a very frugal January and then going forward maybe to add a section to the budget for treats out.

At the moment I owe £3500 in an ideal world I would like that amount to be 0 by the end of the year wish me luck



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