Sunday Summary


So its the end of the 1st week of 2014 and it feels different to the beginning of other years, I am determined that 2014 is the year I make changes and form new habits.

 – I normally just read what I need to for my essays and don’t really make any notes, however this causes mass panic when it comes to revising so this week I have sat down and actually read and make notes on the chapters, it felt a lot more like studying and  less like panic however my essay is due in on Wednesday and I seriously worry I am going to run out of time but I am going to stick with it and continue note taking. I would like to have a draft or at least a plan with references written by Tuesday morning when my mum picks up T so I can sit a write it all up.

Money It seems that because my wages have stopped now until I go back to work in March loads of expenses have cropped up, both my car tax and MOT are due in February and nursery fees will be due in march I think this is annoying me more as I don’t yet have a driving license so it feels like paying out for something I can’t use. I put my next door neighbour on the insurance so she can take me out to get some experience but the weather has been so awful we have not been out as much as I would have liked. Normally I would have just put the expenses on the credit card but this time I am trying to avoid doing that so I spent yesterday listing things on e-bay which leads nicely onto.

de cluttering / organisation we live in a 2 bed flat with limited storage, I suddenly looked around the place with fresh eyes yesterday and saw how much space I waste with things that never get used. there were shoes in the cupboard I brought 3 years ago that have never been worn. So yesterday I sat down and listed 19 items on e-bay and there are more to be added, part of me was tempted to just box everything up  for the charity shop however at the moment I need the extra money, and not having to keep trying to find space will also be helpful.

I know everything is not going to be perfect over night but I feel like I am going in the right direction, and it feels really good to be making some changes.

I am off to make breakfast and sit down with a uni book while its nice a quiet, enjoy your Sunday and feel free to go buy my stuff


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