need routine


I feel like I am stuck in a major rutt at the moment. I have no motivation to do anything at all and then at the end of the day I feel really annoyed that I have not achieved anything at all. I think the fact my diet is a bit rubbish at the moment doesn’t really help I seem to be surviving on carbs and I cant remember the last time i ate any fruit, I actually walked into town today and feel so much better for getting out and having some fresh air but going into town just temps me to spend money which I am trying to avoid at the moment.

I only have 2 months until I am due back at work and I want to enjoy the extra free time that I have whilst also working towards getting a routine in place to make the transition back to work as easy as possible. I will be going back 2 full days a week ( Mondays and Fridays) with a weekend day every other weekend. I would really like our days off to have some sort of structure to them.

I also think it might be an idea to have a look at doing a meal plan even if its just to make sure I eat regularly throughout the day to avoid relying on something sugary to see me through the day. I also like the idea of doing some snack prep so I have things in the fridge that I can grab stuff, this is more important as T gets bigger as he often wants to share what I’m eating and I cant let him if all I eat is junk.

If anyone has any tips for having a better routine when on maternity leave do let me know


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