Monday Money


I said recently that I want to start being more accountable about where I am spending money and my budget and while I don’t plan on revealing how I spend every penny it is something I want to blog more about, last week I sat down and worked out roughly what I will be getting in Tax credits once I go back to work using this calculator

I then sat down and actually rote down a budget for the first time in ages. in doing this I realised several things

  • I have no idea how much we spend on food any more, this something I used to track religiously at the moment I have budgeted £40 a week on food but its an area where I will be keeping a spending diary. I am also going to be doing more batch cooking and making myself some more veggie lunches using pulses
  • Sam needs to contribute a lot more financially to the household particularly as he has a bigger wage coming in. .
  • That things are never as bad as they seem.

The budget leaves us both with quite a bit of spending money for things like personal mobile phone bills, travel to work etc. however because I want to use most of that money on paying off my credit card I will still be looking for other ways that I can save money / make some extra. I recently listed some of the toys T doesn’t play with any more and other stuff I didn’t want and made just over £80 after fees which will be going towards my car tax and MOT.

having a plan makes me feel a lot more positive

so on what’s supposed to be the worst Monday of the year I’m feeling pretty positive



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