The Little Green Monster


As you know if you have read any of this years posts my main goal of this year is to be debt free at the end of it. This means that I wont be buying very much in the way of “stuff” and to be honest there is not much in the way of stuff we really need, we have talked about buying a TV ( we don’t have one) so why do I find myself getting jealous and annoyed by other peoples spending habits a lot of the things they are buying are on credit which is not something I want to do and I know the feeling at the end of the year when there is no debt will feel nicer than shiny new things and then I will be able to use the money we were paying on debt to enjoy myself.

I am also glad that my parents are very anti using credit to buy things – other than houses and using interest free offers or I think I may have been more tempted to give in and use more of my credit limit that seems to just keep increasing because I obviously need to be able to borrow a years salary.

I suppose everyone has to choose what is more important to them I chose to work part time so I can study towards my degree and give my son my time, this means that I have done things to cut back like making our Christmas presents, selling things on e-bay and reducing our meat intake. I know its all worth it but its still hard not to get jealous I am hoping by acknowledging the feeling I can now let it go.


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