25 before 25 an update


so its been 5 months since I posted my 25 before 25 list so I thought I would take a look back and do an update


to have a working budget

almost done, I have done my budget for when I go back to work in march.

To reduce debt

– unfortunately my credit card balance has actually gone up by £227 however making extra money selling things on e-bay and cutting back means I have been able to pay over £400 this month so its going in the right direction

To start emergency fund

I don’t have an emergency fund at the moment – though I have added one into the new budget

To do at least 4 £10 week’s

there have probably been weeks I’ve only spent £10 but I have not kept track very well


Get rid of at least 30 items

I have sold 12 items on E bay so 18 to go

Put up proper curtains

I now have thicker curtains in the living room, which I am,really liking

Sort bedroom including new headboard

not yet

Re sort kitchen cupboard to make more room for making things

this is an ongoing work in progress

Get planters for balcony to grow veg

I need to do this soon

Be happy with my space

there’s a lot that needs doing but I am starting to feel happy with it – especially today while its tidy

Fitness / Diet

Cook more

YES – I have done a lot more proper cooking and preparing meals for the freezer

Use or ditch kitchen gadgets I am using the blender a lot more – hello breakfast smoothies

Try 10 New foods

I have found this harder than I thought I would, but i had kangaroo steak for dinner so only need to find 9 more

Cook 10 New recipes

only 2 so far both from the lovely jack Monroe – bean chilli and brie and beetroot risotto

Eat more fruit and veg

I’m doing really well with this as T eats more food with us now I’m making an effort to make sure it’s healthy

Have at least 8 date nights

😦 absolutly none – things havent been great recently and lack of time means this hasnt happened

Have a weekend away

i comepletly forgot this was on here, it might be something we re-vist when i have my work hours

Do more together

because I have been feeling rather down i havent got as much housework done so weekends seem to end up being that rather than fun stuff, but we got all the tidying done yesterday and i am having a laundry day today so we can enjoy the weekend together. I also find that when the place is tidy I’m more open to doing things together


Be more active

I an walking alot more rather than automatically jumping on a bus.

Write more

i have been writing more – however as alot of it is self pitying drivel i decided not to bore you with it.

Learn something new

still trying to decide what i want to learn

Look into finishing degree

I have some time before I need to book my next course

Look at returning to work and creating a work life balance

I now have my hours sorted now and I am trying to create some sort of routine


Take more pictures

this is something I struggle with part of me regrets not taking more but I like watching T with my eyes not through a camera lens

Attend more groups

the weather has meant I have just wanted to stay inside and hod so we haven’t tried out any new groups

Overall I’m feeling fairly happy with my progress I will try and update in a few months


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