back to work


T has his first settling in session at nursery tomorrow and then next week he’s off to nursery and I’m back to work, it’s something I have mixed feelings about.
I think T going to nursery will be a good thing, he can mix with other children which he enjoys and get to try lots of new things. I will only be going back to work part time so I will be home with T more than I am at work I’m hoping it will be a good balance.
There’s just a few things I’m worried about. Getting organised the idea of being up and out of the house before 6:30 isn’t something I have had to do in over a year, luckily Sam will be doing the nursery run in the morning so I will only need to get myself ready and out the door.
How I will find being back at work, the place isn’t great for me emotionally and there is zero chance of progress but they are giving me the hours I want and it pays the rent at the end of the day. I am also looking forward to catching up with work colleagues as well and being able to drink a hot drink while its hot and have a set lunch break.


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