considering a name change


due to some recent changes i now have a lot more time to dedicate to actually blogging and trying to sort out my life, feel like this time I’m finally going to reach my goals and I definitely want to blog my journey but I am wondering if the blog name I’m using really suits what i plan on writing about so I’m considering a name change but its so hard.

All i know is that i want it to sum up what I’m trying to achieve with my life and I don’t want there to be anything about being a parent in the title, no offence to any parent bloggers out there but I don’t consider the fact I am a parent as the one thing that defines me i have a few ideas in the pipeline and I probably just need to take the plunge and go for it.

in the mean time I plan on posting more regularly and sharing more of my life with you

hope you have a lovely day.


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