Getting on top of life rather than life getting on top of me


I am finally starting to feel like I am getting myself sorted a bit better and managing to slowly get on top of the house work stuff that goes with running a house hold.

I have got back into the habit of cooking a decent sized meal with enough for left overs, which is not only healthier but should see the food budget stop being used up on junk. I also made a tray of stuffed jacket potatoes which are handy as quick lunches and snacks and can be frozen. I am also using the list app on my phone to keep a running shopping list so i know exactly what we need when I am at the shops so that when I go to cook I have everything I need to hand.

There is still a lot of sorting and rearranging to do now we have our new bed with easier to access storage – its one where the mattress lifts him so I need to sort out my clothes and put out of season stuff away. I also need to try stuff on and see if it still fits, I’ve got clothes that i haven’t worn for years and its probably time to say good bye

It no longer feels like an impossible task, I am aiming to spend at least 2 hours each day on non work days getting things sorted rather than trying to do it all day that way we and T can still get out and do something together, It puts us both in a better mood and he sleeps a lot better for it.


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