Spoiling yourself


I have problems spending money on myself I think it’s something I get from my mum she can be extremely tight sometimes. She often comments when I buy things or spend money on myself.
Sometimes I think we need to put ourselves first so last week I went and had my hair cut and today I’m having it dyed and the confidence of having pretty hair is worth every penny.
I am still working towards paying my debt but I’m making room in the budget for some luxuries

What’s the extravagance you enjoy?


considering a name change


due to some recent changes i now have a lot more time to dedicate to actually blogging and trying to sort out my life, feel like this time I’m finally going to reach my goals and I definitely want to blog my journey but I am wondering if the blog name I’m using really suits what i plan on writing about so I’m considering a name change but its so hard.

All i know is that i want it to sum up what I’m trying to achieve with my life and I don’t want there to be anything about being a parent in the title, no offence to any parent bloggers out there but I don’t consider the fact I am a parent as the one thing that defines me i have a few ideas in the pipeline and I probably just need to take the plunge and go for it.

in the mean time I plan on posting more regularly and sharing more of my life with you

hope you have a lovely day.

back to work


T has his first settling in session at nursery tomorrow and then next week he’s off to nursery and I’m back to work, it’s something I have mixed feelings about.
I think T going to nursery will be a good thing, he can mix with other children which he enjoys and get to try lots of new things. I will only be going back to work part time so I will be home with T more than I am at work I’m hoping it will be a good balance.
There’s just a few things I’m worried about. Getting organised the idea of being up and out of the house before 6:30 isn’t something I have had to do in over a year, luckily Sam will be doing the nursery run in the morning so I will only need to get myself ready and out the door.
How I will find being back at work, the place isn’t great for me emotionally and there is zero chance of progress but they are giving me the hours I want and it pays the rent at the end of the day. I am also looking forward to catching up with work colleagues as well and being able to drink a hot drink while its hot and have a set lunch break.

having a moan


I sometimes feel like I have nowhere to share what’s on my mind without someone getting upset or offended. I had promised myself I wasn’t going to write a blog post until I had something positive to write about but I think if I wait for that point I wont be writing anything for ages. So this is going to be a bit moany – feel free to stop reading and come back again when its a bit more upbeat.

I feel like I have very little time to myself – I understand thats what happens when you have children but I would just like 5 minutes to drink a cup of tea in peace or not to have to rush through a shower because T has woken up, My mum has had T this week so I can get some Uni work done but no one wants to look after him to i can go shopping or just enjoy a nice long bath.

Sam not quite understanding just how low and tired i am feeling I literally have no attention span at all and even getting dressed is an effort so at the moment the place looks like a tip – which i am trying really hard to get on top of but it feels like he never wants to help and being honest I do get his point that I am home all day.

My mums refusal to give T proper food we have done a mixture of purees and baby led weaning, he has 6 teeth and is more than capable of chewing food but she still insists on mashing everything of cutting it into tiny little pieces – the omelet she gave him may as well have been scrambled eggs. I am normally not there to witness it but when I do it irritates me, especially as she acts like I am trying to make him choke if i give him anything that’s not the texture of mashed potato.

Never buying myself anything new, its a mixture of wanting to put the money towards paying off debt and not feeling I deserve it, it took me ages to tell Sam he needed to contribute more to household finances. I think I like to try and do it all myself rather than accepting help. I am getting better with small purchases but I need to factor some fun into the budget. ( or maybe plan something for after I have paid off my credit card )

I think thats enough moaning for now i will be back soon with some positivity.

25 before 25 an update


so its been 5 months since I posted my 25 before 25 list so I thought I would take a look back and do an update


to have a working budget

almost done, I have done my budget for when I go back to work in march.

To reduce debt

– unfortunately my credit card balance has actually gone up by £227 however making extra money selling things on e-bay and cutting back means I have been able to pay over £400 this month so its going in the right direction

To start emergency fund

I don’t have an emergency fund at the moment – though I have added one into the new budget

To do at least 4 £10 week’s

there have probably been weeks I’ve only spent £10 but I have not kept track very well


Get rid of at least 30 items

I have sold 12 items on E bay so 18 to go

Put up proper curtains

I now have thicker curtains in the living room, which I am,really liking

Sort bedroom including new headboard

not yet

Re sort kitchen cupboard to make more room for making things

this is an ongoing work in progress

Get planters for balcony to grow veg

I need to do this soon

Be happy with my space

there’s a lot that needs doing but I am starting to feel happy with it – especially today while its tidy

Fitness / Diet

Cook more

YES – I have done a lot more proper cooking and preparing meals for the freezer

Use or ditch kitchen gadgets I am using the blender a lot more – hello breakfast smoothies

Try 10 New foods

I have found this harder than I thought I would, but i had kangaroo steak for dinner so only need to find 9 more

Cook 10 New recipes

only 2 so far both from the lovely jack Monroe – bean chilli and brie and beetroot risotto

Eat more fruit and veg

I’m doing really well with this as T eats more food with us now I’m making an effort to make sure it’s healthy

Have at least 8 date nights

😦 absolutly none – things havent been great recently and lack of time means this hasnt happened

Have a weekend away

i comepletly forgot this was on here, it might be something we re-vist when i have my work hours

Do more together

because I have been feeling rather down i havent got as much housework done so weekends seem to end up being that rather than fun stuff, but we got all the tidying done yesterday and i am having a laundry day today so we can enjoy the weekend together. I also find that when the place is tidy I’m more open to doing things together


Be more active

I an walking alot more rather than automatically jumping on a bus.

Write more

i have been writing more – however as alot of it is self pitying drivel i decided not to bore you with it.

Learn something new

still trying to decide what i want to learn

Look into finishing degree

I have some time before I need to book my next course

Look at returning to work and creating a work life balance

I now have my hours sorted now and I am trying to create some sort of routine


Take more pictures

this is something I struggle with part of me regrets not taking more but I like watching T with my eyes not through a camera lens

Attend more groups

the weather has meant I have just wanted to stay inside and hod so we haven’t tried out any new groups

Overall I’m feeling fairly happy with my progress I will try and update in a few months

The Little Green Monster


As you know if you have read any of this years posts my main goal of this year is to be debt free at the end of it. This means that I wont be buying very much in the way of “stuff” and to be honest there is not much in the way of stuff we really need, we have talked about buying a TV ( we don’t have one) so why do I find myself getting jealous and annoyed by other peoples spending habits a lot of the things they are buying are on credit which is not something I want to do and I know the feeling at the end of the year when there is no debt will feel nicer than shiny new things and then I will be able to use the money we were paying on debt to enjoy myself.

I am also glad that my parents are very anti using credit to buy things – other than houses and using interest free offers or I think I may have been more tempted to give in and use more of my credit limit that seems to just keep increasing because I obviously need to be able to borrow a years salary.

I suppose everyone has to choose what is more important to them I chose to work part time so I can study towards my degree and give my son my time, this means that I have done things to cut back like making our Christmas presents, selling things on e-bay and reducing our meat intake. I know its all worth it but its still hard not to get jealous I am hoping by acknowledging the feeling I can now let it go.

Monday Money


I said recently that I want to start being more accountable about where I am spending money and my budget and while I don’t plan on revealing how I spend every penny it is something I want to blog more about, last week I sat down and worked out roughly what I will be getting in Tax credits once I go back to work using this calculator

I then sat down and actually rote down a budget for the first time in ages. in doing this I realised several things

  • I have no idea how much we spend on food any more, this something I used to track religiously at the moment I have budgeted £40 a week on food but its an area where I will be keeping a spending diary. I am also going to be doing more batch cooking and making myself some more veggie lunches using pulses
  • Sam needs to contribute a lot more financially to the household particularly as he has a bigger wage coming in. .
  • That things are never as bad as they seem.

The budget leaves us both with quite a bit of spending money for things like personal mobile phone bills, travel to work etc. however because I want to use most of that money on paying off my credit card I will still be looking for other ways that I can save money / make some extra. I recently listed some of the toys T doesn’t play with any more and other stuff I didn’t want and made just over £80 after fees which will be going towards my car tax and MOT.

having a plan makes me feel a lot more positive

so on what’s supposed to be the worst Monday of the year I’m feeling pretty positive