Cutting the food shop – Approved foods


Disclosure this is not a sponsored post I just really like Approved foods.

I have been using approved foods for few years now we tend to do a shop every few months.
It sells a range of products that are close to or past there best before date not their use by date, you can see the difference here.
We tend to buy instant noodles for work lunch and a mixture of cereal bars and snacks. We have a large tub of these for packed lunches, this means I’m not tempted by the vending machine at work.
This time we spent just over £50 for over £100 worth of food.

If your thinking of doing an approved foods shop it is definitely worth thinking about where you are going to put it all, and making sure it’s things you and your family will eat not just stuff your buying because it’s cheap.

You can’t use it for all your shopping but if definitely helps keep the average prices down.

Unfortunately because it’s delivered by courier you cannot pick a delivery day, but you can change the day once it’s set or arrange delivery to a neighbour.

Why not check it out and let me know how you get on.