Weekly goals


This week I want to focus in doing some bits in the flat.

Sort out Tobias’s clothes and put away anything that’s too small, I also want to make a list of anything we’re short of so I can have it in my bag when I’m out and about.  I also need to sort out his old toys and decide what I’m keeping and what I’m e-baying or donating to charity.

Rearrange the crockery cupboards I want to get some of these so I can free up so room and move my blender into a cupboard. I have also started using baskets to organise my cupboards which seems to be really helpful. I got these in several different sizes from Wilkinsons and will definitely be getting some more.

Spend at least 2 hours filing the piles of paper, I’ll probably do this while me and T watch a film. The sooner it’s done the sooner I can get rid of the ugly bookcase, I am fed up of moving piles around.

I also want to make a start sorting out what’s going under the bed – I want to make sure everything is washed again before it goes back away.

There’s lots of other bits but there my main goals, what are you planning this week?