Cutting the food shop – Approved foods


Disclosure this is not a sponsored post I just really like Approved foods.

I have been using approved foods for few years now we tend to do a shop every few months.
It sells a range of products that are close to or past there best before date not their use by date, you can see the difference here.
We tend to buy instant noodles for work lunch and a mixture of cereal bars and snacks. We have a large tub of these for packed lunches, this means I’m not tempted by the vending machine at work.
This time we spent just over £50 for over £100 worth of food.

If your thinking of doing an approved foods shop it is definitely worth thinking about where you are going to put it all, and making sure it’s things you and your family will eat not just stuff your buying because it’s cheap.

You can’t use it for all your shopping but if definitely helps keep the average prices down.

Unfortunately because it’s delivered by courier you cannot pick a delivery day, but you can change the day once it’s set or arrange delivery to a neighbour.

Why not check it out and let me know how you get on.


#BEDN 1 month til Xmas


It’s only 1 month to go until Christmas. This year feels a little bit strange, I am normally a lot more organised with Christmas presents. This is my first Christmas as a parent and there’s lots of things I want to do over the next month

I’m a bit nervous of putting up the Christmas tree but I am looking forward to making some salt dough Christmas decorations with T. I just need to get some paint and check when Sam is off work to join in the fun

Make some Christmas treats
We try to give the adults hand made Christmas gifts it’s fun and saves money. Last year we gave flavoured spirits, Christmas chutney and home-made sweets I hope to go similar this year and have some apples waiting to be turned into something yummy

Spending time with family, this is the first time that Sam hasn’t been working all over Christmas, so I’m looking forward to our first Christmas as a family.

How do you celebrate the holidays

#BEDN – Newsflash


the idea of today’s BEDN is to write about something that’s going on in the news, I no longer read news papers as I find they portray a skewed often negative version of events, I was going to either write about something else or not post today.

Then I saw someone had tweeted about some very good personal news they had received, and it made me incredibly happy for them. The person I am talking about is Ricky known to most people as the blogger behind skint dad.  He has just been announced as the winner of the savoo competition to find the UK’s smartest shopper, and part of me thought I would be jealous when the winner was announced but I have to say I am not in the slightest I feel very happy I got through to the final and think Ricky will go on to make his blog extremely successful.

I suggest you go and pay him a visit or follow him on twitter,  not just because he will save you money but because he writes from the heart, blogs have become my news at the moment and his goes down a treat in the morning with a cuppa



saving money on staples – knowing the cost of items


there are thousands of posts on saving money and bulk buying sometimes for the sake of bulk buying now I live by myself so don’t often bulk buy I’d rather use something up before replacing it however there are certain things I make exceptions for mainly things that have a long shelf life like washing powder, tea bags and certain tins

I cannot believe the price people pay for washing powder full price and I think I would cry if I had to do it so I tend to be on the lookout for an offer as soon as I’m 2 thirds of the way through the box, and I personally look for offers by knowing what I am prepared to pay per wash in my case that’s 10pence, my recent bargain was


surf washing powder

thanks to Morrisons having this half price and then taking advantage of the £1 voucher available by liking the Unilever facebook page you can pick a voucher towards any Unilever product not just surf.

I also don’t stick to a particular brand although there are brands I wont touch having made the really cheap tea bag mistake before I don’t plan on doing it again.

I find sites like mysupermarket really good for comparing several of the big supermarkets unfortunately it doesn’t include all of them so I always take a look at the Morrison site as well as lidl and aldi being in a city I have all of these fairly close. I also keep an eye out for coupons as well.

So how do you save money on essentials ?